1. California home becomes first to earn coveted designation

After they lost their home in the 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise, California, the Ledbetters chose to rebuild with a wildfire-resistant structure that includes double-pane windows, vents that prevent embers from entering the building, and fireproof roofing. 

The features earned the new house a Wildfire Prepared Home Plus designation, making it the first in the state to receive the special recognition. 

. Lego provide inspiration for hurricane-proof buildings

Renco USA, a Miami-based company, is constructing homes with Lego-like blocks made of recycled glass fibers, recycled plastic, stone, and resin. The result is a building that takes less time to complete and can withstand up to Category 5 hurricane winds. 

. Company draws upon ancient techniques 

Colorado Earth is constructing fire-resistant homes with ecoBlocks, which consist of crushed limestone, raw soil, and water. Because no heat is used in this method, there is less harmful pollution associated with buildings constructed using this New Zealand-inspired process. 

4. Hurricane-resistant homes leveled up 

Deltec Homes, which was established in the 1960s, has been working on a structure that can survive winds up to 225 mph — and it’s doing so at a facility entirely powered by clean energy

The shape of the latest model is one of the keys to the building’s resilience. According to Bloomberg, the “curvilinear” design “helps offset wind pressure by about 30%.” The company has a presence in 32 countries, having constructed more than 5,500 hurricane-resistant houses.

5. Innovative community design may prevent blackouts 

A project in Lakeland, Florida, is redefining community solar thanks to a joint effort among housing developer Highland Homes, utility company Lakeland Electric, and microgrid developer BlockEnergy.