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Coppermine Gallery Browser Plugin

This Plugin Should allow us to browse the Galleries right Inside Wordpress,
Rather than through Coppermine itself.

Random Posts

I have modified random posts by so that it always return the required number of posts, it works now and will post it soon TO DO need to support user levels random posts option to include sub category posts


This had proven to be the hardest thing to find, I have found one, cumbersome but works very well, I will change it into a plugin once I get the time to do this. HOW EVER It is not quite correct. I noticed, it doesnt list it in a tree structure and orders them according […]

Theme Changes required for my Site

“Comments are closed”, No Comments must be removed from the theme Need to change comments.php in the theme folder Add sitemap file in the theme folder: Remove Sub category posts from categories page goto this post (remove Sub category post for more info New Pages Required for This blog About GuestBook (just […]

WordPress Notes

Sitemap for wordpress: coppermine photo gallery random page plugin: preview theme plugin:

Archive Pages, Category listings working with viewlevel

Viewlevel2 needs to be able to filter the category listings and, the current archive system that i use. It shows it but when you click on it it doesnt display it. I need the viewlevel things to completely disappear from the sites, May have to look at the plugins themselves and change them. The viewlevel […]

Remove Sub Category Posts

I need subcategory posts from not showing when viewing categories, so far I have not found a plugin that fixes this problem for me. I did find a trick that can be done at the theme files. Create a category.php file for the theme in use and possibly copy the code in index.php Anyway just […]

XHTML Validation

Some Posts should not be xhtml validated, So instead of turning it off then turning it on, When saving a post,page, A option should be available to let you choose if the page should be validated, When this option is set, the page should not be validated and saved just as it was typed in. […]