This had proven to be the hardest thing to find, I have found one, cumbersome but works very well, I will change it into a plugin once I get the time to do this.

It is not quite correct. I noticed, it doesnt list it in a tree structure and orders them according to the category name, it should give you the option to do this and to list it in a tree structure, so that we can have an organised look for the website.
I noticed that pages are also being listed on General section, this must be corrected!
ITS STILL GREAT Despite my windings.

I am currently testing this plugin from and looking very promising.

There is also live sitemap, which looks very good and works with firefox and ie but doesnt work with opera, very silly.

I will also work with that and see if I can get that working for opera, and also see if I can create a static version that doesnt use xmlhttp thing.

There is another option: Category Archive Plugin

Current version 0.3

Based on the work by
I couldn’t comment on the original author’s page or contact her ( I assume, sorry if I am wrong), please get in touch.

I have added some initial features to allow me to display what I wanted.

I needed to create a site map, a normal one not a google site map that every one was doing and this was the closest thing I came across. I will be improving the code over the next few months.

Full support for subcategories and code efficiency
more control of the output

To use this plugin in a page
Use phpexec by Priyadi Iman ( allows you to run php code inside posts, pages)

then use this code

as the page content.
or you can use it normally in page templates.

Download script:
rename it to : category_archive.php to use plugin