Once upon a time I needed a website, But I had no content for my website, I dont need everyone to know my life, and I cant think of anything new, so I came up with four things

Fun:mail (/funmail) – To share all the emails that I sometimes keep (about 350 on last count)

Site:Blog (/siteblog) – Some of the things I discovered that I am willing to share

SiteBar (/sitebar/index.php) – All the links in the world that I have collected, You obviously would not see absolutely everything, but you will see some interesting links.

Enjoy the site. The menu is on the right

Exam Tips

This is for all those preparing for exams; Work Hard, Pray hard, Play Hard(wink yes play, but not too much……Ok Not that hard)
and I am sure you will all do just fine. Good Luck.

Stay Ahead In The Brain Game
Tactics And Advice For Exams
Last minute exam strategies
Exam Questions Tips
Other Revision Tips


This is a project that aims to bring to you a collection of proverbs, tips, thought-provoking statements and other interesting statements from all topics, subjects, cultures, technologies etc.
On the website you can create a banner to put on your website so that your visitors can view and learn.
All tips will link back to the website they came from. A demo is at the top of this page. and on the side.
The messages aim to be positive, educative and inspiring
Visit RAMtips (no longer active – ramtips.net)

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