Want Cleaner Air? This Houseplant Filters It 30 Times Better Than Others (msn.com)

A new plant-powered air purification system launched last month by biotech startup Neoplants uses microbiome science to supercharge the Queen Marble Pothos, accelerating the plant’s ability to clean air by up to 30 times the normal rate. 

l. This modification helps the Pothos remove cancer-causing volatile organic compounds far faster than a typical plant and supercharge it to better filter air.

The Neo Px doesn’t remove the same particles as a HEPA air purifier, so it’s not a one-to-one replacement for those machines, Mora, the company’s CEO, explained. Instead, the plant-powered system is made up of a minimalist self-watering planter and proprietary power drop solution — a powder mixed with water — which, when added to soil, increases the natural capture and removal of VOCs such as benzene, toluene and xylene.