24 Best Things I saw in Vegas at CES 2024

24 Best Things I saw in Vegas at CES 2024

My Favourite Things here

Squad Buggy. 40mph and solar powered with removable battery from £6000 very interesting product

Electric grill that can create heat at 700 degrees

Automatic tinting lights (electric) – maybe a good product

LG Transparent Tvs – aparently for sale, good idea

XGIMI Horizon Projector – looks very good $3000 – good price

Neural Labs gesture software – works with any webcam – very brilliant software I need to try

Samsung Smart Things – smart home hub software – looks good

Govee Floor Lamp

Sevvy cooking device – 2 min baking using Integeral heating. cooks quickly at a lower temperature (an enhanced micorwave)

ALL The Best Tech At CES 2024!!!

Things I liked

Seergril – cooks meats in 2 mins

Robot Vacuum cleaner is pretty impressive

Ecoflow portable fridge with icemaker

5 BEST Things I Saw in Vegas at CES 2024

Ambient Photonics – Low Light solar panels that could replace most aa/aaa batteries (potential game changer)

Shelly Energy Monitoring – good for monitoring energy use and energy tracker

Ecoflow Smart Home Panel 2 – interesting device to research

Anker Solix energy storage

Balcony Solar panels – very interesting idea

Hyundai waste to hydrogen technology

What’s inside COOL TECH of CES 2024?