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I make £36k a MONTH as a landlord at age 31 – trolls accuse me of ‘driving up prices’ but I’m bringing back luxury pads An avid saver, he had been putting away £2,000 each month while still employed. Taking the plunge to join Britain’s landlords, he took a gamble and used his £25,000 savings pot to invest in education around property buying. Now, he has a portfolio of £4.5m across nine properties, earning him £36,000 per month – more than the average Brit’s […]


In the US they think we’re communists!’ The 70,000 workers showing the world another way to earn a living

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10 Future Inventions That would Blow your Mind

Things I Liked/Interested in Ascento Pro – Robot for security and monitoring – crazy and mind blowing Apple vision pro is pretty crazy – Mad VR headset Spacruzzi – floating hot tub – good tourist product to buy and rent out at beaches H-Aero – drone like aircaft for communication Jedsy Drone device – in […]

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CES 2024 youtube videos

24 Best Things I saw in Vegas at CES 2024 My Favourite Things here Squad Buggy. 40mph and solar powered with removable battery from £6000 very interesting product Electric grill that can create heat at 700 degrees Automatic tinting lights (electric) – maybe a good product LG Transparent Tvs – aparently for sale, good idea […]

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