Dynmic Library plugin is a winamp plugin I discovered a few months ago, I now use it to play my mp3 tracks. After using is for a while these are some of the features That I have come up with, now I need to send it to the plugin plublisher as soon as I can.

Few features that will be very neat:

editing id3 tags directly from the list view, we can view them why not allow us to edit it.

allow advanced file copying, I am thinking about mp3 players, should allow the user to set numbering so that the track will play in the order of the playlist, eg, each track could have 01 , 02 , 03 at the beggining of each track

add a special node called now playing so that we can view the now playing list in the dynamic library and will no longer need the playlist manager, this will make it an awesome tool,
could be even more cheeky by being able to pull the online content stuff from the net just like the static media library. This tool could replace both playlist and media library from winamp.great tool.

Add another field called file name.
could even allow file ripping/encoding/converting from there