PRACTICE SAFE SEX! DON’T ASSUME NOTHING! Your body is precious, it is a temple and we only get one. Guard it! Protect it!

Due to the nature of people we often seek for things that end up destroying us. It is far to easy to destroy than to build, anyone who has looked at his or her life will know what I am talking about. Life is not about laziness or easy pleasure. As human beings we are suppose to work hard. IF you make life too easy for your self other problems will arrise. Cant you see that the as life gets easier, the more complex and difficult the problems become. Using this assumption, wouldnt life be easier in the long run if you worked harder cause then the problems get easier to solve.

I think we as human beings we should not seek to make life too easy. A balanced life is the best way to go in life. Defining what a balanced life is impossible because different people have a different preference of a balanced life. Looking for a balanced life is difficult for a reason, the world works that way and you have to accept it. If you do not agree with that statement, then you have had a too easy a life and you are not aware of your problems. Maybe you havent stopped to look at what life means to you. You need assess what you have in life and look at the benefits and problems it brings you in your life. Some people would make the assumtion that life being easy his or her level of balanced life. That is not true, that is a lazy person’s idea of life.

Life is full of contradictions, choosing the ones that gives you a balanced happy life is the key to a successful life.