Refine your exam technique-last minute strategies

The last night is review night

Organise all your exam writing materials

Get a good night’s rest (no raving)

Get to the exam hall on time, at least 30 minutes before the exam starts

Sit in a quiet spot, relax and visualise yourself remaining calm in the test and performing well in the exam

Do not try to learn any new info, it is pointless at this stage

When the exam papers are handed out, pay attention to last minute verbal instructions or instructions written on the board

Skim over the test making sure you understand all instructions

Budget your time and note the time for the completion of the test

Relax and let the info flow

After the test evaluate how you performed. Don’t dwell too much on the errors, it’s over and the test is now in the hands of the examiners

Prepare for the next exam, you are on a roll